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Volatile compound is compounds that transition to gas at low temperatures and can adversely affect the environment and human health. Resolution of chromatography is characteristic of the separation of two adjacent peaks. The retention time is the time it takes for an individual component to elute from the column. It is defined as ‘the time from the point of sample injection to the peak maxima’
Boiling point of our samples for n-butanol is     and 2-propanol is  
Gas Chromatography (GC) is a commonly used analytic technique in many research and industrial laboratories. A broad variety of samples can be analyzed as long as the compounds are sufficiently thermal stable and volatile enough.
Like for all other chromatographic techniques, a mobile and a stationary phase are required. The mobile phase which is carrier gas is comprised of an inert gas e.g. helium, argon, nitrogen, etc. The stationary phase consists of a packed column where the packing or solid support itself acts as stationary phase, or is coated with the liquid stationary phase with high boiling polymer. More commonly used in many instruments are capillary columns, where the stationary phase coats the walls of a small-diameter tube directly (e.g. 0.25 mm film in a 0.32 mm tube).
The main reason why different compounds can be separated this way is the interaction of the compound with the stationary phase “like-dissolves-like”-rule. The stronger the interaction is the longer the compound remains attached to the stationary phase, and the more time it takes to go through the column or longer retention time. Influence of separation are polarity of the stationary phase temperature, carrier gas flow, column length and amount of material injected.
Polarity of the stationary phase, polar compounds interact strongly with a polar stationary phase, hence have a longer retention time than non-polar columns. Secondly temperature. The higher the temperature, the more of the compound is in the gas...


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