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Pseudo-Transformational Leadership and the American Electorate

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Bryant Devine
Leadership Styles and Theories
Dr. Cusaac
August 19, 2012

Pseudo-Transformational Leadership and the American Electorate
The relevance of learning the difference between authentic transformational leadership and pseudo transformational leadership can help an emerging leader understand the importance of morality and ethic in leadership. Authentic transformation leadership shows the emerging leader the proper way to set high goals for his followers; whereas, pseudo-transformational leader sets goals for self-interest or self-serving purposes. These lessons can help a leader avoid the pitfalls of immoral and unethical leadership. Moreover, it helps the leader learn the importance of morality and ethics in leadership, and the example it sets for the moral fiber of an organization as a whole. Nonetheless, immorality and unethical behavior is a tornado, that if willingly runs rampant, will rip apart the morale of an organization. Nevertheless, authentic transformational leadership can bring followers together to accomplish goals; whereas, pseudo-transformational leadership act as a tornado that rips them apart.
We can relate this to our government through the congress and executive branches. By first asking how leadership works in these two branches. Secondly, what impact does it have on the American people as a whole, and methods to change the governmental leadership? First, we must see how the founders viewed leadership at our founding.
Our founders wanted a nation that was organized to promote liberty, freedom, and prosperity, and prevent tyranny and oppression, or pseudo-transformational leadership. They did this by placing checks and balances, along with separation of powers, on each branch of the government.
In Federalist No. 57, James Madison writes what the aim of any constitution ought to do. "First to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to disarm, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of society, and in the next...


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