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My Philosophy of Education

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“Education is not a privilege; it must be a right for all.”   This is what I always say whenever I am asked with the question, “what is Education for you?” I truly believe in this statement because for me, Education is a very vital factor for each and everyone’s success in life. Almost half of our existence was been spent within the four sides of a classroom with our teachers and classmates which happens to be our natural environment where we live through, considering the people around us, as our teachers and classmates in this world.   Therefore, Education must be for all people because every person needs to learn. Whether it is a formal education or not, every existing man learns naturally with his environment, wherein he can learn with a lot of factors which may affect him in his full existence.

Aside from that, I also truly believe that each of the students have their individual personalities. Every child differs and varies since they have their own dreams, capabilities, interests, skills, and talents. A teacher is a very influential model that whatever he/she may say, it creates a very big impact in the heart of a child. Because of this, a teacher must be very careful on knowing the differences of the students, most especially that they are very vulnerable to be compared to others. I also believe that the primary role of a teacher is to teach his/her students in a manner where they learn and enjoy as well. This entails teaching lessons in a very creative manner.

Also, a teacher for me does not only come to class every day and report everything to his/her class. But instead, everyday should be like a “SUPER SHOW”. I made into this justification because of the influence of one of my professors that I really idolize the most. She once told us her class that a teacher must not only be a “teacher” as itself, but rather a great teacher must be a very good actress always.   She said that once we are in front of our class, the show...


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