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A Canvas for Women

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    We often forget to acknowledge the women who have made a difference to our life. For instance, our mother, sister, friend or daughter. They may not have had a blazing career or a record-breaking list of achievements under their sleeve, but their love and sacrifice have helped us meet our goals. Unfortunately, they are exposed to the imaginary of being as weak and many more.   What women want is a world where they are all treated as human beings of equal worth and dignity, that they are not discriminated by law or practice just on the basis that they are born female. Now it is high time for us to assert that women should be perceived equally to men. Women should be perceived equally to men inasmuch as women’s roles are as important as men’s, women nowadays are as highly employed   as men in many sectors and excellent in education as well.
    First and foremost, women must be perceived equally to men because women’s roles are as important as men’s. One of the reasons of this is that both men and women play important roles that support each other. In responsibilities of a husband-and-wife team, men are usually the breadwinner whereas women are the housekeeper. Being the head of the house as well as the breadwinner, a husband is responsible in providing all the necessities and needs of the family. Meanwhile, a wife as the housekeeper does the domestic chores to ensure that the cosiness and harmony of the family are assured. Other than that, a husband must be the superior decision maker while his wife is liable to support her man in order to create a successful marriage through altruism and self-sacrifice.
    In these days, it is like a normal phenomenon for men to make a wrong stereotype picture of domestic responsibilities. To be clearer, men refuse to admit the fact that it is not easy to be a wife and a mother. It is not easy as it requires patience and determination. If men go to work on weekdays and give all the needs of the family, women...


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