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On the book written by Benjamin Zephaniah, Alem a refugee boy from Ethiopia was taken to England by his parent, for his safety. In a chapter of the book Alem go to a boy`s home and he makes some friends and some enemies his friend is named Mustafa and he`s enemy is named Sweeney.

Alem is bullied in the boy`s home by Sweeney a bully. Sweeney   bumps into Alem and Alem said sorry but Sweeney replied that it weren`t by accident but on purpose. After a discussion Sweeney   threatened Alem to give his chips and cod on the lunch hour but Alem denied   and Sweeney and Alem start to fight but Alem friend Mustafa separates them and stop the fight . Sweeney says that there will be payback in a way being unpleasant character.

One technique that Benjamin used was the Dialogue . Due to the boy`s that stay in a boy`s home isn`t so great the mood nor background so that’s why he used strong descriptions on the dialogue between Alem and Sweeney   such as “you basterd…” . This use of strong adjectives is a very good method of catching teenagers attention to books due to there environment.

Sweeney is a bad boy who likes to do bad things this is a technique to give some emotive language   to make the novel more interesting . Sweeney`s characteristics by being vulgar , having grammar mistakes, bad hygiene   represent   a typical bully   turning up the emotion on the story and making the reader read more and more.

Benjamin Zephaniah uses for me the most interesting and best technique to create an unpleasant character the descriptive language.
It gives an emphasis is the character being descript and it make the story more joyful by managing to create a image in your head about the character. This is very good to entertain ten readers and certainly adults as well.

By: Joao Marcelo Birmarcker


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