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Motivation Theories

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In   this   essay,   I   will explain   how   the   employees   will   feel   more   like   a   team   using   the   Maslow’s   motivational   theory   and   then   how   that   would   be   different   from   using   Herzberg’s   or   McGregor’s   theories.
By   using   the   Maslow’s   theory   I   will   solve   the   problem   by   making   the   employees   feel   more   like   a   team,   and   then   maybe   they   will   start   coming   in   on   time   and   putting   more   effort   in   the   work   if   they   know   they   are   appreciated   for   the   work   they   do.   The   employees   would   have   more   self-respect   about   their   self,   so   that   they   would   feel   more   feel   more   secure   at   work.(learning activities, 2013)
The   difference   is   Herzberg’s   theory   focuses   more   on   achievement,   challenging   work,   growth,   opportunities,   recognition,   responsibility   . I   think   Herzberg’s   theory   is   close   to   Maslow’s   theory   but   Maslow   seems   to   focus   more   on   the   employees   well-being   and   being   part   of a team   and   being   secure   at   home   and   at   work.(learning activities ,2013)
Last, by using   McGregor’s   the   difference   between   Maslow   and   McGregor   is   McGregor’s   theory   x   focuses   on   more   negative   motivators   than   positive   ones   like   thinking   employees   always   dislike   work   and   that’s   not   always   true,   thinking   they   must   force   employees   or   threaten   to   get   them   to   perform   and   that   is   not   the   way   to   get   people   to   work.   They   also   think   they   need   to   be   directed,   and   are   motivated   by   fear   and   money. (learning activities, 2013)
Next, when   using   McGregor’s   theory   y   it   focuses   on   employees   like   work,   employees   are   committed,   are   problem   solvers,   and   are   motivated   by   a   variety   of   rewards.  
I   think   the   best   theory   to   solve   the   problem   with   the   employees   is   the   Maslow’s   theory   because   it   focuses on   everything   like   making   the   employee   feel   secure, letting   them   know their   doing   a good ,...


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