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Bcom 275 Assignment 1.1

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Exercise 1.1: Communication Process Model
Directions: Think of a misunderstanding you experienced when communicating with someone else at work, home, or school. Then fill in the blanks of the chart below.
Misunderstanding Number 1
|Who was the sender? My Manager Dan                                                   |                                                      |
|Who was the receiver? Myself                                                         |                                                      |
|What was the message? My manager was communicating to be the way the produce         |                                                      |
|department was to be reset and stocked.                                               |                                                       |
|What channel was used to send the message? Verbal communication.                     |                                                      |
|What was the misunderstanding that occurred? His instructions on the way that the     |                                                      |
|produce was to be stacked was clear but the information on where each item was to be |                                                       |
|reset at was unclear.                                                                 |                                                       |
|How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? This miscommunication could have   |                                                      |
|been avoided in my manager would have given me an outline of where each item was to   |                                                       |
|be place.                                                                             |                                                       |

  1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? With this communication process what I learn is that when unsure of something ask more...


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