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As Planes Get Bigger, the Marketplace Gets More Competitive

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As planes get bigger, the marketplace gets more competitive

In the wake of changes in the global marketing environment, airline companies can not only depend on products and technologies. A successful company needs a large number of customers. Therefore, companies need to build good customer relations. In order to obtain the maximum economic benefit, airline companies should overcome the ever-changing marketing environment.

The air travel industry's microenvironment
Microenvironment of air travel industry consists of   “marketing organization, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers competitors and various publics” (Kotler,   Adam, Denize, & Armstrong, 2009, p. 84).
Cooperation of the marketing organization is very important because it directly affects marketing activities. Airline companies need to coordinate and handle the relationships among various departments before they make marketing plans and implement marketing activities. In addition, airline companies can promote their job efficiency by creating good relationships among various departments.
Suppliers play an important role in microenvironment. Suppliers provide some important resources, which include raw materials, equipment, energy, labor and capital. The changes of these resources may affect the quality and profits. In addition, suppliers should act in good faith. For example, many airline companies buy planes from Airbus and Boeing because they are quality-assured suppliers.
Marketing intermediaries are made up of “ physical distribution firms, marketing services agencies and financial intermediaries” (Kotler,   Adam, Denize, & Armstrong, 2009, p. 86). Many companies send their product to the target consumers by marketing intermediaries. For example, many plane tickets are sold by travel agents. The main function of marketing intermediaries is to help enterprises promote and sell products.
Any product needs a lot of customers. Customers are the main part of the market. For...


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