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Colonial Sports

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Colonial times in the 1600 had a completely different forum of customs rules and way of life then what we are used to today In the 21 century. The colonial sports were no different they were not out to entertain thousands of spectators or to make loads of money off of group events namely because they didn’t exist yet. Sports In the colonial era served two main purposes. There first main purpose was to help past time. The second main purpose of colonial sports was for betting. In the next several paragraphs we will explore these two main concepts of colonial sports.
The first main purpose of colonial sports was to help pass time. Back in the colonial times there was no such thing as television as they were not invented yet. People of the colonial time had to find other ways to play and to help pass what could be hours. They did this through sport. Children in the colonial era were very resourceful in finding things to play with. In the Virginia land kids found several things to play with. For example kids took Hula Hoops that we were designed to be played with around your hips instead they would take a stick and role the hoop down a hill while there friends would attempt to throw rocks and stones through the three centimeter center. Kids in the Virginia also played a game called stick ball witch ultimately would involve into today’s modern game of lacrosse. Finally people in Virginia also played in colonial versions of football and wrestling. The young children of Virginia continued to find new ways to play and to pass the time and this trait carried on to other places as well.
English sports throughout New York and Pennsylvania we also being introduced to give people something to play with and to help pass the time. English sports included Cock fighting, quoits witch was an old version of the modern game of horseshoes. They also participated in horse racing and a game called rounder’s witch untimely is an old decadent of today’s modern version of baseball....


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