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In the Rain

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The book “A Winter Kill” was an astonishing book. The author, Vicki Delany did an in creditable job writing it. This book was full of mystery and tragedy and just a little bit of sadness all mixed together. There were so many twists and turns you never knew what was going to happen next. In this book there where the two main characters, Nicole Patterson, who had been a cop for about six months who was on patrol and came across a dead girl in a field of snow. Once Nicole had did a search on her and found out who she was it turned out the girl was Maureen Patterson. A girl who had a very rude reputation. Maureen was the daughter of a drunk and slept with any guy that had asked but that’s just what people had assumed of her.

Nicole Patterson is a young, very eager probationary constable with the Ontario Provincial Police. Although she spends much of her time breaking up bar fights, giving out traffic tickets and finding lost kids, she dreams of one day becoming a detective. Late one bitterly cold winter night, Nicole, comes across the body of a young woman lying on the edge of a snow-covered field on the outskirts of town. The girl appears to have been strangled to death with her scarf. Nicole recognizes the victim as a local high school student. Though Nicole is under-qualified and unauthorized, Nicole feels compelled to throw herself into the murder investigation of Maureen Grey.

The body ends up being Maureen Grey, a local teen from Prince Edward District High School who was viewed as the bottom rung on the social ladder, mainly due to rumours’ she would sleep with anyone and is the daughter of the towns drunk. Maureen had left home several weeks ago as she was tired of living with her passive mother and abusive father. Everyone in this remote, rural area believes Maureen was killed by her own father in a fit of rage, especially after the autopsy reveals Maureen was four months pregnant. However, Nicole is not convinced and decides to ask some questions on...


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