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Top Tips for Conserving Water in Your Area 4-08-2010, 12:35 in: Environmental of Course, Some of Us Live in Areas Where We Get Plenty of Rain All Year Around, Maybe Even Too Much. However, in Other Areas Water Supplies

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Top Tips For Conserving Water In Your Area
4-08-2010, 12:35 in: Environmental

Of course, some of us live in areas where we get plenty of rain all year around, maybe even too much. However, in other areas water supplies can run low quickly, especially in summer. So, it is all of our responsibilities to conserve this essential natural resource when we can. And even if we are a little careful with our water usage habits, we can make a big difference. Here is some advice on how you can conserve water around the home. In the kitchen * See if you can redirect waste water from the kitchen sink to the garden. Also, use a bowl when washing dishes so you don't just leave the tap running. * If you have a dishwasher wait until you have a full load and use the economy cycle, again reducing the amount of water used.В   Also before putting the dirty plates etc. into the dishwasher, scrape the leftovers into the bin rather than rinsing under the running tap.В   * Wait until there is a full load before washing your dirty clothes and front loaders use less water than top loaders.В   В   In the garden * Water your garden early in the morning or just before sunset.В   This allows the water to be absorbed into the ground instead of evaporating in the hot sun if you water during the day.В   Also the water droplets left on the leaves from the watering can damage your plants if the sun is too hot, so better wait until it cools down. * If you have directed your bathroom and kitchen water to the garden and connected to garden hoses around the garden, puncture the hoses with holes which will allow the water to filter out from various places instead of from one end only.В   This lets the water to penetrate to a deeper level and encourages the plant roots to grow longer and stronger, and therefore enhances the plants' own search for water. * Water sprinklers are time-savers but do use huge quantities of water if left on for long periods of time.В   It is said they use 300 – 650 litres of water...


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