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How Is Pop Culture a Reflection of Change in America

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How is Pop Culture a Reflection of Change in America?
Deirdre D. Turner
SOC 225: Cultural Diversity
Stark State College

. How is Pop Culture a Reflection of Change in America?
I asked my children if they ever heard of a Holly Hobby Oven. I laughed when I saw the funny look upon their faces, (as if they had bitten into a super sour lemon). They all chimed in with a big “no”. I remember the Holly Hobby Oven. I was about five years of age and I saw it on television and knew that it was an “I must have” item. I knew in my mind that when I got older I would be able to cook for my husband and kids. I have always known since then that I wanted an “As seen on TV.” family. I wanted to be like Samantha from Bewitched (including the twitch in my nose) and Mrs. Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. I knew I was too young for the husband and kids but at least I could have a stove. Mrs. Cleaver always had dinner on time, with me being a hungry kid; I completely understood why that was of course. There were many other shows I’m sure convinced me of why I should have the oven but of them all, I know that these where a couple of my favorites. During that time of my life I was living with my Mom, Grandmother and cousins. My environment was not that traditional home I saw on television but the hunger for it was still there. Television had changed my perception of the kind of family I wanted for myself. This is why I feel we are very influenced by Pop Culture.
“Media portrayals are texts, which can be read as lessons in cultural changes” (Kottak/Kozaitis, 2012).   These lessons were taught via sitcoms, commonly watched through the 50’s and 60’s era. The shows portrayed are what some would call “the American Dream” Family. It’s generally known as a nuclear family.   The mother was depicted as the “happy homemaker” with two children and a work dedicated father (whom most likely had a GREAT job) living in a suburban home (i.e. Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best and I love Lucy)....


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