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The Source of Life Polluted

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The Source of Life Polluted
Water is the source of all life and is essential to life itself. Without water there would be no life. We drink it, wash with it, grow food with it and use it to generate energy. Humans and everything that lives on land depends upon fresh water to survive.  

People are under the misconception that the world is running out of water because we don't save water. If we stand in front of the sink, letting the water run as we brush our teeth the water is just sent back to a purification facility and from there, it gets pumped back to us. We aren’t running out of water, the truth is we are running out of clean water! Humans contribute to water pollution in many ways. Pollution is caused by careless disposal of waste from industrial facilities, radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, oil spills from tankers and leaks from underground petroleum storages. The results of these polluted waters can cause numerous issues ranging from birth defects, immune suppression, reproductive failure and death to humans and animals.

According to an article from pollutionissues.com early pollution was limited in its effects on the environment until after world war II when industries began manufacturing and using synthetic materials like plastics and inorganic pesticides. An   article by Marc Lallanilla titled “How Real Is the Water Crisis?” states that one out of every seven people do not have daily access to safe drinking water and an additional 2.5 billion people lack basic sanitation and goes on to mention that increased industrialization in developing countries has caused the severe pollution of previously usable sources of fresh drinking water. Another article by news 24 states that by 2015, 80% of South Africa's fresh water resources will be so badly polluted that no process of purification available in the country will be able to make it fit for consumption. This points to the reality that we are facing a crucial crisis period in water...


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