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L.E.D. the Future

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LEDs represent the most significant development in lighting since the invention of the electric light more than a century ago.   They allow us to create unique, low energy lighting solutions, not to mention their lower maintenance costs and as investment continues and volumes increase, the price of LEDs should come down by 10% or more a year.

People ask, “When will LEDs become more mainstream?” Assuming LED lighting continues to develop as expected, it’s now possible to predict the future with some certainty.   For some time now LED lighting systems have been used to light up buildings, bridges and monuments. Due to their flexibility and the possibility to set any desired color, LEDs offer lighting solutions, which are not possible with any other existing technologies, such as sharp light/shadow lines and avoiding light pollution on windows.

Offices are already seeing the first LED applications with desk lights and particularly emergency lighting. However, as replacements for conventional general lighting, LEDs are still some years off because of the cost is still too high.

In the next few years, you should see the first effective LED solutions in specialized areas of the office, such as, reception and meeting areas. Within the next 3 to 5 years the first solutions should be available at which they can compete with compact fluorescent technology cost and within a 10 years or so LEDs should become a better option than general lighting.

LED replacements are already making a small impact in industrial areas mainly concerned with lighting in fire hazard and explosion risk areas. LEDs are ideal because they operate at Safety Extra Low Voltages (SELV) — typically 12V or 24V. Their reliability, long life and instant flicker–free turn on are also major selling points. But similar to the commercial market, general LED lighting solutions are still some years away.

It’s an application that is frequently utilized within the retail sector. LEDs are also...


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