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Why Poetry

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One question I always ask my professors is “Why Poetry.” Why study poetry when it only takes a simple story and exaggerates in a manner to illustrate imagery and the meaning in depth. First of all, the definition of poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts as defined in the dictionary. Some classify poetry as just a mere story meant to confuse readers while some classify poetry as true art by the means of word. Unfortunately, I happen to fall under the category as one of the confused readers. Poetry isn’t just my cup of tea. Though the whole prospects of poetry does not appeal to me, I do not completely despise it. There are selective of poems that are able to grasp my attention by enlightening me and enabling me to relate to the aspects of the poem. “Poetry” by Pablo Neruda, “To Hell in a Handbasket” by Alan Caitlin and “Poem Not to Be Read at Your Wedding” by Beth Ann Fennelly are some of the poems that not only am I able to relate to but also able to understand a perspective of what others are experiencing.

Firstly, the poem “Poetry” by Pablo Neruda is about a writer who discovers his passion which takes him away emotionally. This poem is absolutely fascinating to me because it takes a short and simple idea of one finding his/her true passion and morphing it into a remarkable life changing discovery. In this Poem, Pablo Neruda vividly captures the very essence of what it is to be so intensively captivated by something and inspired that it almost becomes your very soul. He begin the poetry by stating that “ it was at that age…poetry arrived in search of me. I don’t know, I don’t know where it came from….” which signifies that he did not go looking for a way to express himself, and that it just came to him (Neruda). It shows that this passion came on by to him naturally and that he had no idea that how inspirational it will turn out for him. Also the author uses...


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