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Does Globalization positively affect the Environment?

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Does Globalization positively affect the Environment?

Globalization has had a positive impact on the environment to some extent but there are still some crucial negative impacts of globalization in play. The negative impacts are mainly export-orientated destruction on the environment whilst the positive impacts are increase awareness and multinational corporations’ research into eco-friendly technology.
The main positive impact that globalization has on the environment are
• That there are improvements in the use of resources and awareness and that due to globalization research is being conducted that creates greener technology.
• Globalization has assisted in improving the use of resources and saving the environment by promoting growth through development, improving education and incomes.
• The World Bank is an example of this as it has successfully helped Mexico City in the 1990s to reduce the number of unhealthy ozone days.
• Due to globalization multinational corporations have been conducting research and creating technology to reduce the impact of humans on the environment often referred to as green technology. Some examples of greener technology are hybrid cars and the new ‘green’ Apple Mac. Hybrid cars are a green option for cars and they typically achieved greater fuel economy and lower emissions than normal cars which results in fewer emission being generation. Apple has stated that Mac Book has been built “using materials that are highly recyclable and free of many of the harmful substances present in other computers.”
• The software and hardware have also been designed to work together to make the computer more energy efficient and to “minimize the carbon footprint of the Mac Book.” Unfortunately the negative impacts of globalization on the environment far outweigh the positives.

The main negative impact of globalization on the environment is
• The demand and also the removal of ecosystems due to population growth have had a large...


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