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American Classrooms

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American Classrooms

In the first decade of the twentieth century, students attended school for no more than a few years. Children were taught basic reading and arithmetic skills. In addition, the earlier years American schools were rural and only had one classroom. Today’s classrooms have been completely updated compared to the early twentieth century classrooms. The two main contrasts between the earlier years and modern classrooms are the lack of learning resources to educate students, and the teachers’ authority in schools.
First, earlier classrooms lacked learning resources to educate students. For instance, the early twentieth century classrooms were uncompleted and the majority of the schools were wooden shacks in rural areas. In fact, schools furniture was basic often wooden benches built by the students’ parents. Also, the classrooms were equipped with insufficient educational materials. For example, there were no maps, or reference materials available and no more than a few books which included the Bible. In an average classroom, a teacher would have students of all ages. In the 1900s, there were not specialized school supplies, and there were only basics such as paper, ink, and chalks. Farmers were in charge of supplying schools with basic needs, such as wood for fuel during the winter months, and horses that were used for transportation for students. In the earlier years the classrooms did not have the technologies that are used in modern classrooms today. They were limited to an abacus, instead of calculators and there was no access to the internet which allowed students to learn about other cultures around the world.
In addition, in the earlier years teachers had greater authority in the classroom. Teachers could physically punish the students with different was such as spanking or using a ruler to hit student’s hands. A teacher would also use dunce hats to embarrass the misbehaving students or make them stand against the wall. They held a...


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