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The world population is increasing rapidly due to many social, medical and other factors. One of the key reasons for the dramatic increase of the overall population is the growth of birth rate and the decrease of death rate. There are many reasons for this some of them include: the advanced and improved healthcare, significant improvement in hygiene knowledge, clean water and good housing. All these factors have kept the death rate low, there for people are living longer and have a longer period of time to have children. In some countries such as Nigeria, which is a LEDC, has a poor contraception, and due to their dependents on their primary industry they require large families to help in their work and provide support in their old age. Therefore, I believe that the death rate and birth rate is a major cause of the increasing population.
The earth is now stable and balanced with its seven billion inhabitants but will it collapse in the near future when it reaches fifteen or twenty billion. One of the major worries of the increasing population is if earth can provide enough resources for all its inhabitants. Vast areas of the world have poor sanitation and poor healthcare; they don’t need an increase in the population. In Africa and Asia there aren’t enough doctors, with an increase in the population they won’t be able to cope. A bigger population means that there will be more pollution, aiding the green house effect, which will have a vast negative effect on the environment.
In my opinion the world is not overpopulated as earth can provide substantial amounts of resources to all its inhabitants the problem lies with the distribution of those resources for example in some parts of Asia many people are starving, and are being neglected, in others such as America people have so much food they don’t know what to do with it. With the right motivation and kind hearts we can stop poverty and starvation; it only requires the first step. Equal distribution...


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