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What Makes a Good Learner

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What makes a good learner?

Learning is one of the greatest parts in our life when we are in school days, and even after the graduation we step into society, we still need to learn new knowledge to adapt to the work life. As everyone knows, learning is critical way to stay open-minded and keep our minds healthy as we grow older. However, even with the great benefit that learning promises, there are few of us are able to become good learners successfully. So how can be defined as an effective learner? I asked one of my friends who had unique perspective on this problem and he told me that a good learner must fulfill the following conditions.

Fist, a good learner must be cultivated a spirit of doubting. Before it was proven the earth was round, it was well-known truth that it was flat. The truth was so widely accepted that no one dared test it until Columbus questioned common knowledge and asked “what if?” Since then, examples of the impossible being made possible can be found throughout history. When an answer considered to as authority, it is necessary for a good learner to think of and doubt it. And it is precondition for a good learner to be incredulous of authority and keep doubting spirit.

Second, as a good learner possesses the ability of doubting, he or she should include the ability of organizing. We always schedule a time for learning in our daily life. However, a good learner, instead of scheduling the time of learning, they prefer to schedule the quantity of learning. For example, if one plan to read three chapters of a book within one day then just does it, he or she does not need to care how much time it will cost. As long as one can memorize and absorb the new knowledge, he or she should get rid of distractions like notebook and cell phone and focus our attention on learning goals until we finish it no matter how much the time it would spend.

The third creed is to repeat, repeat, and repeat. This one can not get enough attention by many...


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