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The sounds of Orphiel's hooves made very distinct calking noise as he moved down the marble hallway to Asha's war room. Orphiel was deep in thought not paying attention to where he was moving but rather the movement itself. He made a mental note that the movement was surprisingly natural and that the side effects may have had some affect on cerebral cortex and cerebellum sections of the brain as well. Before he was able to start hypothesizing they stopped abruptly at the large metal doors marking the war room.

The guard escorting him mumbled, "We have arrived, sir."  

"Thank you, you are dismissed." Orphiel responded.

As the guard walked back to his post the doors began to part way. The sudden sound of Asha's war council griping amongst themselves flooded out of the chamber. This is why Orphiel had stopped attending these meetings ages ago, it made it difficult to think with so much noise around. No one paid Orphiel any attention, as usual, until he walked up to the crescent moon shaped table. Asha was sitting at the head of the table directly in the middle and had her head down reading the daily briefing.

Asha lifted her head and nonchalantly said, "There is a horse in the war chamber."

Everyone promptly turned their attention to Orphiel.

"Why, is there a horse in the war chamber?" she said as if her previous statement wasn't question enough.

"Don't worry Asha. Its me Orphiel." Orphiel responded.

Asha glanced back down at her report. She audibly sighed and said "You know your a horse right?"

"I am well aware of the side effects." Orphiel replied with a grin on his face.

Asha glanced back up from the report and responded with "So be it. What are you requesting the war council's presence for? With the Blood Storm finally dispatched we need to shore up our home front defenses until we brokered a peace accord with the Guardian leadership."      

"I wouldn't waste the councils precious time Asha. I have an incredible announcement for...


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