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Principles of Communication

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Assignment 201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings.
Task A – Short Answer Questions
Ai Describe four different methods of communication.
  * Verbal Communication: This type of communication uses words to introduce thoughts, feelings and ideas. This type of communication involves an individual using their linguistic tone, pitch and learnt vocabulary to present and explain their ideas through spoken word and also involves listening to other people.    
  * Non-verbal Communication: This type of communication involves an individual communicating, sharing their ideas and opinions without talking. It requires an individual to be able to identify what another person’s body language is saying, for example recognising when another person is in pain, upset or anxious. It further requires the individual who is expressing themselves non-verbally to comprehend the way they use their own body to send messages to others. We can communicate non-verbally through the use of facial expressions, eye contact, body language, behaviour, gestures, signs, touch or contact and visual aids, e.g. pictures, symbols and flash cards.  
  * Written Communication: This type of communication refers to using written words and written signs to communicate with others. There are different styles of writing used to complete different documents, but all require literacy skills so the author of the written document can clearly convey their intended meaning to the reader.
  * Technological Aids: As a result of technology advancing rapidly we have many electronic aids to help us communicate. Mobile phones are commonly used to make calls, send text messages and emails while on the go. There are alternative types of technological devices that greatly aid people to communicate with others. For example, a speech generating device is an instrument that speaks messages aloud to aid communication and can be used by those people whose speech or other methods of communication are...


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