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Lucky Winner

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The short story “And the lucky winner is…” by Monica Hughes demonstrates the dilemma that Jon and Peri face in deciding whether or not to use special powers to help their friend Nev. They are struggling to do the right thing. This is a hard decision for them to make because if they decide to use their powers, it could make other people suffer. This story shows that sometimes it is very hard to do the right thing because of human’s greed.

Jon and Peri have special powers that could help their friend to win the lottery so he can get proper treatment. Jon and Peri practice using their powers in preparation so that they can win the lottery. Although they are not perfectly ready, they want to try their best to help Nev. At the place where the lottery is held, there are so many people who need treatment for their own ailments. That is when Jon realizes that if he uses his power to save his friend, someone else must suffer as a result. I think that Jon is very wise to not use his power because he can see that would result in hurting other people. Jon must have had a hard time deciding whether or not to use his special power because of wanting to help his friend. Instead of using his special power he finds an alternative way that could help his friend.   I think Jon’s decision was the right thing to do.   It proves that there is always more than one way to solve a problem.   Jon decided to find a different way to help his friend so that he could avoid hurting others.   This shows that Jon has wisdom and integrity.


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