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Midwife (CNM)
“Birth is something that women do, not something that is done to them.”   Sandoval, M. (2012, September 4). Midwifery has been around for centuries and has been practiced for generations. The word ‘midwife’ can be translated in many languages like Spanish, English, and Portuguese in; any language the real meaning is “with women.”   In this century it’s just midwife (CNM) for short. This occupation is generally in the medical field working with doctors and others in the hospital. This occupation is considered to be in the Grandview High School Career Pathway. You can take classes at Grandview High School that will prepare you to study midwifery in college, like chemistry, health, and trigonometry. Midwifery has been around for generations being taught to thousands future midwives. It’s known that women would gather herbs and attend women at childbirth.   When men began practicing midwifery, they wanted to modify how women give birth. Then so on and so forth midwives came to be.
Job Duties
The duties and responsibilities of a midwife vary depending on how far along the mother is in her pregnancy. In the first months of pregnancy the midwife preforms exams and tests to make sure the baby is developing well. In those first months the midwife talks to the mother about a delivery plan which include where and how she wants to give birth. The midwife also informs the mother of any diets and nutrients she must have to keep the baby healthy. One of the responsibilities of a midwife is to give the mother updates on any changes that occur with the baby, like the position of the baby and their vital signs. (Midwife Job Duties, 2012). Then one of the biggest responsibilities of a midwife is to deliver the baby safely and make sure the mother is doing her part in delivering the baby. When it comes to the big show, the midwife must be calm at all times and never panic. After the pregnancy the midwife also takes care of the mother and acts like a pediatrician for the...


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