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The Ultimate Safari Overview

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“The Ultimate Safari” acts as an allegory of how if someone can put his mind to doing something and can have enough willpower inside to do what he really desires, he can accomplish anything he wants to. The story also has many other interesting features such as the point of view that the author chose. And the title, which appears to, when comparing, have no connection to the story at all. The story, “The Ultimate Safari” is about how a little girl and her siblings are seeing the world during a time of despair. When their mother is missing and their father is at war. Their grandmother is a true leader, which is pointed out many times in the story. The grandmother from the girl’s point of view is helping to lead this whole family thru the Kruger park reserve, she has no help from anyone else and make’s certain that the children and her weak and seemingly dying husband always get nourishment before she does. The story moves thru the Kruger Park where they lose the grandfather and build outside, they all end up living in a giant tent with a blue ceiling, the girl tells the story well but in the end still thinks that her mother is going to come back and hasn’t been killed and that the grandfather will find them.

Just think that when you are going to sleep at night in your nice warm comfortable bed someone has to sleep outside in the pouring rain with nothing but newspapers to cover them up. This act by the grandmother who doesn’t even have church shoes yet makes you appreciate what you have living where you are on the income that you have and what it really could be like, what if you had to go and shift bricks for a couple bucks a day then you would really appreciate the money and understand the true value of it. Once the grandmother has successfully taken her family thru Kruger Park she just doesn't stop, she goes and gets a job moving brick (I don’t know of any grandmother who shifts bricks) and then with the money she makes decides to not be greedy and spend it...


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