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"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires."- Susan B. Anthony" - Dwayne


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a. Which characteristics describe Donny’s leadership philosophy and style?
        i. Telling - Provide specific instructions and closely supervise performance
  b. What are some of Donny’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader? As a manager?
        ii. Leader:
            1. Strengths: Wants to keep everyone on the same level.
            2. Weaknesses: Conveying instructions clearly.
        iii. Manager:
            3. Strengths: Doesn’t bias one subordinate over another.   Good at managing everyone’s situations
            4. Weaknesses: Impatient and scorns when questioned or disobeyed
  c. What are the likely consequences of Donny’s leadership style? What effects does he have on the performance of individual team members (Choc, Herb, Harvey, Harry, Larry, David, Bruce, John, and Bradley)? What effects does he have on the overall performance of the team?
        iv. The main consequence of Donny’s style of leadership is subordinates disobeying and questioning Donny’s commands.   Choc started slowing down in the last race.   Herb was rewarded with a jersey and became encouraged to lead.   Larry tried to lead but was scorned by Donny.  
  d. How did Donny’s absence affect team dynamics?
        v. The teams dynamics shifted when Herb lead a different, more laid-back, leadership style.
        vi. Some team members disagreed with Donny afterwards
  e. If you were Donny, how would you lead the team? Why?
        vii. Since this is a track-team I would actually lead similar to Herb.   The team needs to work together and feel like a complete unit.   When Herb leads the team everyone started together and helped everyone finish together.   While under Donny’s leadership everyone was on different skill levels and the runs were never cohesive.


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