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Comparing Management and Leadership

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Comparing Management and Leadership
Two part assignment
Gustavo A. Hernandez Santiago
Grantham University
BA421 Leadership in Organizations
Shaun Manzano

Assignment Part One

Basic Functions of Management


Planning is an important manager function. It provides the guidance of a desired end state and the means of how to accomplish the organization's objectives. In other words, planning is the process of thinking before doing. To problem solve and take advantage of the opportunities created by rapid change, managers must develop formal long- and short-range plans so that organizations can move forward toward their objectives.


The second function is getting prepared and organized. Management must organize all its resources prior to putting them into practice. The course of action that decides what has been planned must first be organized and well thought out. Through this process, management now determines how to proceed with established and maintained relationships, and also allocate necessary resources.

They also see to the harmonization of staff, and try to find out the best way to handle the important tasks and expenditure of information within the company. Management determines the division of work according to its need. It also has to decide for suitable departments to hand over authority and responsibilities.

Importance of the organization process and organization structure.

        – Promote specialization.

        – Defines jobs.

        – Classifies authority and power.

        – Facilitators' coordination.

        – Act as a source of support security satisfaction.

        – Facilitators' adaptation.

        – Facilitators' growth.

        – Stimulators creativity.


Directing is the third function of management. Working under this function helps the manager to control and supervise the staff. This helps assist the staff in...


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