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After reviewing the second and third paragraphs, the second paragraph clearly made better use of sentence variety and contained a rhythm that the third paragraph severely lacked.   While reading, do you find a monotonous tone to be boring?   Obviously, the author of the third paragraph didn’t think so when he or she repeatedly started each sentence with the word “Individuals.”   The author of the second paragraph avoided this mistake by starting his or her sentences in a variety of ways, such as using a prepositional phrase in one sentence.   Both paragraphs incorporated the use of generating a list, but the second paragraph implemented the “rule of three” by providing examples and better use of adjectives.   This variety and extensive use of phrases and clauses, undoubtedly, allowed the author of the second paragraph to have a better flow and tone to his or her writing.

WritePoint provides reasonable responses, but the suggestions are not always accurate and may not conform to the author’s style.   The submission to the previous paragraph provided three specific suggestions.   The second sentence prompted a suggestion to omit rhetorical questions in academic writings.   This may be considered the general rule of thumb; however, academic writings can become dull and tedious for the reader.   So long as the rhetorical question supports the topic, the sentence can add substance to the paragraph.   In the following sentence, WritePoint added a remark to “avoid referring to yourself in the third person.”   This was not the original intent, so the suggestion was disregarded.   Nonetheless, the program did catch one obvious error at the end of the same sentence when the period was placed outside the question marks.   In the end, none of the responses from WritePoint should be overlooked; only make sure they are warranted before changes are made.

WritePoint can be a valuable tool in future writing endeavors if a few simple rules are followed.   Since most academic papers will...


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