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The Advantage and Disadvantages of the Telephone

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There is no doubt that the telephone was one of the most significant inventions in the last century The use of telephones has been transforming the way people live, with both negative and positive outcomes.

Phone-base telecommunication shortens the distance between people. We can make a phone call to get our friends in a few seconds while sending a traditional letter takes at least several days. More importantly, in terms of the information delivered in a certain period of time, real-time conversations are apparently more efficient than the likes of letters.

There are, however, disadvantages. Talking on telephone is not the same as taking face to face, after all. Heavy reliance on telephone in effect deprives individuals’ opportunities to talk to others physically. Long-term lack of face-to-face conversations makes some people feel embarrassed when they try to begin a talk confronting a real person.

In addition, the extensive use of telephones allows people to deal with almost every daily issue without having to go outsides. They lie on a bed, phoning the restaurant to send a pizza, calling the bank to pay electricity bills; the outcome is the deficiency in outdoor activities. Doctors reveal that such a lifestyle is responsible for the rising obesity rate and some diseases- such as skeletal problems and aural deprivation, etc.-.

In conclusion, telephones bring both convenience and problems to us. In the case of proper usage, their use can improve the efficiency of work and life, whereas the unfettered use of telephones gives rise to a declining level of health and social abilities.


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