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The Useful Methods of Patent Mills

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In recent years, many domestic dryer equipment manufacturing enterprises have been aware of it, and increase investment in science and technology, and the pace of new product development, and achieved good results. Great attention to research and development of large-scale equipment, according to the industry needs to develop a large professional sets of processing equipment for the enterprise record impressive economic; adsorption drying technology jointly developed by universities, research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, etc., not only the end of the The adsorption drying machinery in China rely solely on the import of the situation, but also to break into the international market. The improvement of the scientific and technological content in the domestic dryer equipment has produced the gratifying results. "the company director said. Long time, my dryer equipment industry, small scale production, low barriers to entry, the overall technical content is not high. Industry-wide enterprises accounted for about 60% of the annual sales income of 500 million, only 5-8% of annual sales income of over $ 10 million manufacturer, product quality is generally low. "But now the situation is different. Entire industry is gradually bid farewell to the era of price competition, high value-added, high-tech products is becoming the backbone of the enterprise"s core competitiveness dryer equipment. This also means that the pace of industry consolidation to accelerate technology competitiontake the powerful combination, and the road to survival of the fittest, breed strength of large enterprise groups in the industry, just around the corner. "At this point, he is full of confidence. Sludge dryer and power unit should be securely installed. Fly ash dryer fixed long-term job, it should be fixed in the cement foundation; sludge dryer is a mobile operation, the unit should be installed in the chassis made   with angle iron, and to ensure that the power machine and...


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