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Degeneration of Values

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indian values are no longer acceptable in society.The younger generation has an attitude of "I don't care". In schools, students proudly admit that they smoke. Practising morals has become so rare that anyone following the basic morals is considered mad, sane and a scapegoat for all. One seeing today's India can never wholeheartedly admit this was birth place of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and never believe this was where Mother Teresa did miracles in helping the poor and disabled and now can we ever even imagine of such personalities to be born again!

We have started believing that, we are the masters of our lives and no one else is responsible for its make up or break up. ‘Entire society is suffering from degeneration of values’
Now-a-days even babies know the meaning of 'performance'. They are told to 'perform' well in pre-primary classes, 'perform' well in primary classes, 'perform' their best in their board exams, 'perform' the most in their graduation and perform the utmost and the impossible for the rest of their lives.
We learn to smoke, believing that it is just another habit like eating, we learn to drink, convincing ourselves that it is good for our health.
We look for an opportunity to push our old age parents to the so-called 'Loving old age homes', where the word 'love' has exchanged its meaning with the word 'money'. We look for a best chance to ditch someone we love and enter into a new promising career. In short, we just act like monkeys, hopping from branch to branch, without a proper goal, without concentration and without inquiring ourselves. Our bureaucracy is focused upon shredding their responsibilities, whenever time permits. There is no real Indian sage anymore. Only scandals remain. There is no reliable media, which works for people's welfare and awareness. Only scandal 'pages' remain.


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