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Violent and crime in South Africa has been a part of human nature through time, it is an instinct that we all podgiest and which can be trigged in different ways. Whether it is by anger, religion, love, and fear, it should be the last option we have to refer to as intellectual pieces. Reason for saying this is that the result of violence comes always at the price of someone else or whether it is another person’s integrity or life. so it can be said that violence is unlawful, because it is recognize in the definitional elements of a crime in the form of assault. In South Africa, violent crime has become a daily way of life for many South African people and even foreigners immigrants.

To determine what bring violent crimes in South Africa, one has to take into account is a person’s background, because if a child grows up in an environment which characterized by violence, a child might adopt the behavior. To say that a person is a victim of his or her circumstances, like growing up in a family which force you to do certain wrong things that end up forcing him or her committing crime such as stealing, house breaking etc.

Poverty refers to the conditions of not having the means to afford basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, health care, clothing and shelter. Poverty has many causes, some of them very basic. Some experts suggest, for instance, that the country has too many people, too few jobs, and not enough food. But such basic causes are quite intractable and not easily eradicated. In most cases, the causes and effects of poverty interact, so that what makes people poor also creates conditions that keep them poor. Primary factors that may lead to poverty include overpopulation, the unequal distribution of resources in the economy, inability to meet high standards of living and costs of living, inadequate education and employment opportunities, certain economic and welfare incentives. (Fatten...


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