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Health Laws and Rgulations

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Health Laws and Regulations  
Felecia Banks
April 29, 2013
Kathleen Cross

Health care organizations are bound by rules and regulations, without these rules and regulations patient would not be allowed to receive quality care. The rules and regulations which demand health care organization to provide quality care is through governmental agencies. The will describe how governmental agencies play a part in the health care organization. The writer will provide two examples of laws and regulations facing the health care industry.   Providing analysis and examples of specific laws will allow others to understand how the laws work in a health care setting. The writer will describe how a specific law has worked within his or her community. Laws and regulations do change; the organization should make sure employees are aware of the changes.
Governmental Regulatory Agencies
Health care industries and health care insurance are regulated by Governmental regulation, to provide exceptional care to those who are served. Without these agencies various regulatory bodies would not exist, the regulatory agencies defend and control community wellbeing at several level.   Every aspect of a health care organization is overseen by either one or several regulatory bodies. Health care professionals believe he or she spends additional time obeying regulatory rules which direct his or her work than doing the work his or herself (Field, 2008).
Agencies of health care regulatory screen practitioners and the services provided to make sure the organization is promoting safety and ensure legal compliance and quality services are provided (Lockwood, 2013). The health care industry is governed by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.   These agencies’ offer accreditation, which organization participates   voluntary, these agencies are significant because each provides rankings or certification of quality (Lockwood, 2013).
Two Examples of Laws and Regulations
The first...


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