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Report for Visual Enterprise Operation

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This report will explore and explain the profit and loss, the supply chain management and the possible customers for the product. It will also show the profit and loss and also the general ledgers and also the other journals of the company known as Monash Magic Pty Ltd.
Assumptions made in this Report:-
The report started form page 100 of the visual enterprise manual given to the students. All the data, currency, chart of accounts etc. prior to the steps from page 100 onwards have been pre-entered into the data collected for the assignment and also the report is assuming that the availability and also costing methods and also the warehousing information has already been entered.
Making a Quotation for A:-
A quotation is the offer to sell something to another company for a price, timing and Specification. A quotation is also called a tender. The person whose job is to make an estimation of the quotation is the estimator. In order to make a Quote in the Visual Enterprise software, at first the quotation has to be entered in the estimation window. The automatic numbering of the report has to be written and also the status has to be changed to ready. After that the customer information has to be added and the quantity of the order that has to be sold to the customer has to be added as well as the product that is being offered to the customer. After making all of these the source of the cost of the products for the company has to be calculated in order to calculate the mark up that will be charged for the product. This is shown in the estimating window of the product. Then the quotation price has to be calculated. The quoted price is then calculated by using the following formulas in the software.
(Cost Component) = (1 + GSA/100) X (Initial cost)
(Calculated Unit Price)= Sun of[{1+(Mark-up%)/100}x{Cost Component}]
After finding out the expected quoted price and also the other prices the Quoted price can be calculated by using the following formula:...


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