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Avid Essay

  Avid has influenced me in many ways that have led to many positive effects on my school year. Without it, I would not know as many lessons as I do now and the responsibilities that come along with being in high school.
    From my AVID teachers I've learned to step up and do what is expected of me no matter how hard the task may be. I've learned that excuses are non of non existence when it comes to my work and grades simply because I have so much help with them and my tutors at school. My AVID teachers have also taught me to take full advantage of what school has to offer fore as far as gaining knowledge for my future. If I'm going to be in high school and hopefully college for however many years, I need to gain as much as possible to benefit me and those around me in my future. My avid teachers have allowed me to grow so much as a student. My level of independence has developed and I have learned how to be my own source of independence.
    As for my tutors, they have been on hand 24/7 to help me as well as every other classmate of mine to make sure that we understand and do the best on all our homework and class assignments. I've learned quick ways to go about algebraic problems using different methods such as "foil." I've learned how to outline important papers in English and AP World History so that my work is organized and comprehendible. Above all the help from my classes, my tutors have taught me how to reach out and not be ashamed of asking questions and gaining incite on different assignments. I've truly learned to take advantage of the help that has been given to me each AVID class.
    As for my fellow AVID students I've learned plenty. I've grown to go outside of my boundaries and get to know people that I wouldn't usually speak to. I've experienced helping a fellow classmate in a class that they might not be as well understanding in. Is been helped by fellow classmates that have had an easier experience in certain classes that I...


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