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Cat, Dog and Baby

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Cat,Dog and Baby

This is the ranking of everyone in the house. On top of the ladder is my master, the master of
the house. Right below her is the naiive and foolish dog, which always rely on simple tricks
like rolling over and shaking hands to gain attention. At last, at the bottom of the ladder, is me.
No matter how many impressive feats I pull off, all my master does is to give me a grin, and
then returns to play with the silly dog.
Sure, she never mistreats me or abuses me, feeding me on time and taking care of me when
im sick, but I don't feel her care for me; only for the dog.

One day, something new arrived into our household. It was a small baby, its blue piercing eyes stared right into my core. I screeched at it. The baby returned the favour with terrible screams and cries. The baby had climbed to the second place in the ladder, directly below the master. Now the dog seemed restless, drooling and wandering in his own demise everyday. Even though he still attempts to impress the master everyday with his tricks, her reaction has changed. He doesn’t get any treats or rubs on the head, all he sees is master rushing into the baby’s room. As rewarding this might seem, it does not amuse me anymore. I am accustomed to being treated as trash around the house, but that is going to change today. Sneakily, I went into my thinking place (master’s bedroom) to devise a master plan. When the master goes out to hang her laundry, I sneaked behind the couch, careful not to make a sound. I spotted the dog not far away, rushing towards the crib. I deduced that the dog had the same objective as I, but he does not know what “stealth” is. He was violently rushing as fast as possible towards the crib. I’ll never let this chance escape. I’ll kill two birds with one stone. I pounced on the dog as he jumped towards the crib. I clawed his eyes. He ripped my skin. I sliced his face open. He bit my ear off. I ram him against the door, finishing him by forcing my claws...


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