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How to Ensure the Dismantling Joint Well in Winter

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dismantling joint divided into single flange and double flange transmission connectors. Single flange Dismantling Joint easy to install, easy valve installation, the pipeline can withstand axial tension. The product is composed of metal casting or welding, loose parts used trapezoidal rubber seals, gland and bolts in the role of the use of rubber compression elastic deformation theory. Deformation of the joint body forcing the seal bellows static seal between the outer wall. Metals and seals in strict accordance with the performance and user requirements. Material outer coating of high strength corrosion paints, ministries for high-strength bolts carbon steel or stainless steel. Because the body and there is a certain gap between the extension tube, it has a certain degree of axial and radial displacement in the pipe can effectively compensation and mitigation thrust pipes and blind, but also easy to pump, valve installation maintenance and replacement, in fact, pipeline installation and operation industry the most ideal accessory products. Transmission Joint dual flange connections can reduce the pressure of being thrust (blind plates) and compensation piping installation error, double flanged Dismantling Joint unable to absorb axial displacement. Meanwhile how to face the cold winter frost solve the problem which is a lot of customers asked, and if they can not freely telescopic pipe, it will have an enormous additional stress. Therefore, changes in temperature and the need for greater freedom of pipeline displacement normal pipe, expansion joints need to be set so that the pipeline expansion is compensated to eliminate additional stress. For steam pipes, heat pipe, cold pipe and an anti-scald, frost request pipeline, need to use the outside of the pipe insulation material coated to prevent tube heat (cold) the amount of loss or frozen. For some high freezing point of the liquid pipe, in order to prevent solidification of the liquid is too viscous or affect...


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