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Sha McSwain
ENG 1113
October 14, 2013

One of the best nights of my life was when I met my high school crush. My best friend and I went joy riding. She picks me up in a late model brown Nissan Sentra.   We were traveling on an unmarked gravel paved road. It was dusky and dark on a Sunday we were excited to be spending time together. We rode around the small Town of Richton; it is so small that if you blink your eyes you would miss it. We made a loop through an old, brick, and gloomy apartment complex. There was a group of young, muscle, and handsome guys hanging out on the sidewalk. As we rode by I heard them saying what are they doing up here. I told my friend let us drive through another neighborhood.
As we approach the big, pleasant and well keep neighborhood .My mouth drop wide open
as I saw this tall, slender, muscle, and chocolate young gentleman My friend stops the car as he walked to the end of the gravel driveway. As he approaches the car I could smell his sweet and lavish cologne that put me in a deep daze. He spoke to us; I could not say anything my mouth was unmoving .My heart was pounding and my hands were clammy.
He ask my friend can she talk she replied yes she can. She has a huge crush on you. I cannot believe this is happening to me. The day I have been waiting for and I cannot say a single word. I am so embarrassed; Lord help me to say something. He turns and looked at me and said so the cat got your tongue. At the moment I spoke these words: no you just caught me off guard.
Oh my God I cannot believe he is talking to me. His smile made me melt in my own tracks. As he spoke to me it sent chill down my spine. My stomach was full of butterflies as I tried to hold a conversation with him. All at the same time I am saying to myself do not say anything stupid.

We carry on a conversation for an hour. I enjoyed talking to him as soon as the butterflies settled down in my stomach. I could feel my heart pounding as he pulls me close...


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