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Dangerous Food.

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Katelyn Brimhall
Dangerous Food.

    Imagine that as you are walking down the halls of a cancer ward, you hear a nurse say that smoking is not the main cause of many cancers anymore. She explains that the actual cause of disease and death is our food! If we do not do something about the amount of chemicals we ingest from our food, this might be a very real possibility.
    Not only do we have high levels of added sugar, fat, and salt in our food, which can cause high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol; we have added chemicals such as dyes, pesticides, and preservatives.   These chemicals are dangerous and even deadly. Such chemicals need to be reduced and regulated.   Most of us are unaware of what we are actually eating.   A quote by Annita Manning sums this up perfectly when she says, ‘’High-tech tomatoes, mysterious milk, super squash.   Are we supposed to eat this stuff?   Or is it going to eat us?’’ Annita may be making light of this subject, but the topic is no joking matter.
Pesticides are chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables to kill the bugs that eat them. The problem with pesticides is that the chemicals penetrate the skin and go inside the fruits and vegetables. This means that even if you wash your fruits and vegetables or peel the skin off, the pesticides are still in your food.
Pesticides can cause many health problems including attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Harvard University found that exposure to pesticides used on vegetables and fruit may double a child’s risk of ADHD. Pesticides can also cause headaches, nausea, cancer, reproductive problems, dizziness, eye problems and nerve issues. Children are most affected by the pesticides in our food. This is because kids eat more food than adults in comparison to their body weight, and they haven’t completely developed their immune and detoxifying system. They are less able to fight off the pesticides they ingest.
    According to the United...


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