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How the Camel Got It's Humph

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Rudyard Kipling, writer of Jungle Book, has made a lasting mind on young ones. His 'The Just so stories' gives amazing accounts as to how leopard got its spots, Camel its hump and other such facts.

March of civilization:
In the beginning man lived in harmony with animals. He tamed animals. They helped man to cultivate land, transport things and in other activities. Dogs, Oxen and Horses being very sensible worked hard and became active partners in the march of civilization.
“If one shall not work, neither shall he eat.”

Camel's reluctance:
The Camel did not join the work force. The horse went to him on Monday with a saddle on his back and asked the camel to come with him and work. The camel replied 'humph'.   The horse went away and told man about this. Then the dog went to the camel and asked him to join the work. The camel replied ‘humph’. The dog told man about this. Then the Ox came and the same behavior repeated.
"Fools are pleased with their own blunders."

Animals' conference:
At the end of the day man called the dog ox horse and divided camel's work among the three. This angered the animals. The animals gathered at the edge of the desert and discussed about the issue. The camel came there, said 'humph' and went away. The animals made a complaint about it to the Djinn.

Horse asked Djinn, if it was right for any one to be idle. Djinn disapproved. The horse described the features of camel and charged that he had not done any work .Djinn understood it was the camel. The dog charged that the camel refused to fetch and carry. Djinn enquired if the camel said anything else. The ox replied 'Humph and not anything more'

A Magical treatment:
Djinn went in search of camel. Djinn kindly enquired about the complaints charged against him... The camel replied 'humph' .This angered Djinn. Djinn warned him not to say 'humph' anymore and advised him to work. But the camel replied...


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