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Spe/300 Pre Iep Outline

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Pre-IEP Plan for Debbie

Debbie is a first grader at Kelsey elementary school.   Her teacher finds her to be enjoyable to have in the class.   Debbie is a healthy, happy student who has reached all of her developmental milestones inside the normal limits.   Her vision and hearing are normal. She generally speaks at a proper speed and speaks clearly. Her speech is also age appropriate.
It was brought to the attention by Debbie’s mother that Debbie may have problems with reading comprehension problems.   It is also thought that she may have speech, language, and written language problems.   There is also concern that she may have problems in math.

Measurable Goals for Debbie:
  * Debbie will be able to put together the different events within a story on her own once it is told to her with closely to 80% accuracy.  
• Once Debbie hears a story, she should be able to translate its meaning.  
  * Debbie should be able to make 80% of the correct sounds of the unfamiliar words that she hears from the story told to her.
  * Debbie will be able to use the information as well as her vocabulary plan to figure out what 80% of the new words are from a story told to her.

Student Eligibility:
Debbie received very low grades in her initial tests in her reading sessions. Debbie has much strength that proves she can improve and has the ability to learn.   The Kaufman Worksheet Interpretations shows that she received very low grades on her oral testing. Also, Debbie’s WISC-R grades were low.   The results of these test show that Debbie is in need of some special education services.

Justification for least restrictive environment:
The general education teacher has provided Debbie with lots of accommodations.   This was an effort to help Debbie with her progress in learning. The teacher made accommodations such as special seating and modifying teaching and instructions.   Debbie received extra time for such assignments as projects as well as testing.   Debbie is also...


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