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Peta vs Dade County

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Writers Memo
To: The class
From: David Campos
Date: 11/26/2012
In this paper I attempt to identify the problem being faced by the tax payers of both Broward and Dade county in Florida. The real problem that has to be address is the BSL which prohibit the owning of Pitbulls in Dade county. This is a persuasive paper that tries to find the truth between how and why the Pitbulls have been banned. Truth seeking is the main ingredient in providing both sides view points and try to find a balance within. The audience I try to address is that of all people who are voters in Dade county and around the nation to fight this injustice.
The purpose of composing this paper is to allow people in Dade county to finally own pitbulls without having to fear the law. How I went about doing this is grabbing information from both sides and addressing the real problem which is to fight the abuse of the pitbull not the breed itself. I faced many obstacles in writing this paper which included a beginning, middle, and final draft with many revisions. I discovered the real reason why Pitbull are banned and how it was bias with no facts. I am very satisfied with this paper and believe I can and will do more to fight this atrocity.
The strengths the paper has is that it allows the reader to get information given from both sides and can gather his own opinion on the topic. And in this i hope that people will see that the truth is to fight the abuse not the breed.
I believe that the true weekness with the paper is that it gives the reader a lot to handle in a very fast pace. The other weakness I can address is that I tend to be a bias opinion as i myself am from Dade county and own a Pitbull.
The process of persuasive writing has been a part of my life since I can remember having to write papers. The truth is that   I really enjoy writing and expressing my ideas on paper.
    I really want the reader to get the idea that BSL are not only bias and unjust but flat out...


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