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Gender Stereotype

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Gender Images in the media
Using stereotypes is a way of marketing and it has been proven to make an effect to children and grownups. Most advertisements displaying a accessory for a house usually has a women utilizing the item. Although some stereotypes about gender may not be true, I believe some of them are generated from partially reality and partially expectations. These advertisements using gender stereotypes have been proven to make an effect to the audience.
It is not always from advertisements but as we can clearly see from this video, children start to learn stereotypes starting from a young age. This can be caused by what most men do which is going to work, and what most females do which is doing housework.   Although some stereotypes about genders aren’t true. This can be taken offensively by both genders because some gender stereotypes don’t apply to them which could be considered offensive. An example would be if a woman was to get dressed in a suit to show professionalism at her job. Also for a man, he might stay home for a few reasons possibly because he is incapable of getting a job might take offense because hearing these stereotypes can be considered as setting restrictions and requirements for each gender.
          In my opinion, these advertisements could’ve been more effective; by altering the actors in some commercials could’ve drawn more attention. We know that most women do the cooking in the house but once we think in reality, many famous chefs are men. By advertizing utilities for cooking with a very professional looking chef, it could increase their amount of customers while not portraying women in a stereotypical manner.


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