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Gender Stereotypes Throughout History

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Synthesis Essay

Women have suffered for a very long time from many gender stereo types, one example could be that women are more emotional and less physical then men. Another could be that all women love the colour pink and that they all love to ride ponies and grow up to be princesses. The fact is that women are not the only ones getting hit hard with all the gender stereotypes. Although historically gender stereotypes have been harder on women, men too suffer the effect of gender stereotyping.  
Growing up and all throughout their lives, men are made to believe that they have to make more money than their partner. It’s seen as a loss of pride if a female makes more than a male, and so it makes it hard for a woman to come home to her husband and tell him that she’s going to buy him a gold watch for their anniversary instead of him buying her a diamond necklace. Males have been raised to feel that they need to provide and so when that duty is put on someone else other than themselves it crushes them on the inside. Pride is a huge factor to the everyday life of every man. If a man has no pride there is no man. Women are sometimes portrayed in the world as pride less as though they don’t care if someone earns more than them or beats them in a competition etc. Well that’s not the case women have a lot of pride and they don’t like to stand around and be told that they’re not allowed to earn more than their husband or be better their partner at anything. The stereotype for women is that women are inferior to men at everything but being in the kitchen cooking and cleaning the house. In the 50’s there was an add in a magazine that was very popular that educated women on how to treat their husbands and it made men look extremely superior to women. For example a few of the rules or guidelines for being the perfect wife were, help him take his coat of and shoes so he can comfortably sit by the already made fire (made by the wife) and have his food and drink ready for...


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