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How Money Making Works

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★   [FREE] Spreading method for beginners 30 victims/hour ★

Thanks for downloading my ebook, you wont regret this.
So you set up your RAT, and port forward and everything going well, but now you dont know how to get victims to download your RAT, there's plenty of methods, easy and hard methods.
Ill explain for you an easy method which can get you a good number of victims to start with.

-PC + Internet
-Half brain
-your server file (.exe)

Let's start:

1- Upload your server file to free hosting file site and get the download link
2- Then you should visit this site , its called 4chan (http://adf.ly/KXR3P)
Its a site that you can post anything you ever want and share it with people, lots of categories and lots of people online

3- Now look at this section (Boards) and pick one of the topics
Adult topics are the most active.

4- For example i choosed "Ecchi". Now after the topic's page open.
Here you can post a new thread

5-Now fill the fields, and in the comment try to post something related to the topic you used
and you HAVE to browse a picture for the thread (related to your topic)

ex: This girl banged so hard by 2 giant ....... , watch video here : (put your server download link here)

6-Browse for a photo of a naked girl or anything related to the topic
click submit and good luck getting slaves ;)

Tips & Tricks:
-Your post might be deleted after some minutes, but many victims would be already downloaded
-Dont post only on one topic, just copy you comment and paste it on all the topics, lots of victims.


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