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Critique of Kenyan Tv Industry

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The modern media in Kenya was started by the Missionaries and the British settlers. The early examples included the Taveta Chronicle which was published by Rev. Robert Stegal of the Church Missionary Society in 1895. It was circulated among Europeans and interested persons in England. It was later followed in 1899 by the Leader of the British East Africa Company and Uganda Mail which was published in Mombasa. The basic objective of these papers was to provide information for the missionaries and settlers of news that came from home (England). Secondly, the media at this time was used as a “device to maintain the status quo" by legitimizing the rights of the colonial masters to rule Kenya.
Media provided a channel for social communication among the settlers in Kenya from different parts of the country. Radio was also started in 1928 to play the same kind of roles. The Asians later ventured into the business of ownership of some sections of the media. Their main reason was to use the media to legitimize their second place to the whites in Kenya. The Africans on the other hand, later venture into the media ownership basically to use the media as tools for putting across their demands for freedom, justice and equality. After the Second World War in particular, many aspiring political leaders used the indigenous press to build and cement political organizations. These were essentially agitation which made them crucial in the realization of independence goals.
After independence in 1963, similar patterns of media ownership and development continued as they were under the colonial rule. For example, the independent African government entered the shoes of the colonial rulers. These governments had full control of the electronic media run under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting headed by a Minister appointed by the President. Its other departments were The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and the Kenya News Agency. Currently, the ruling party also owns and runs...


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