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21 November 2013
Justice for Surfing
    Now usually when someone thinks about the Olympics, normally they would imagine extreme and exciting sports. It’s something that everyone can enjoy and have fun watching with their friends and family. People get excited to watch basketball, swimming, rowing and for some very peculiar reason curling. But why is it that we don’t have surfing as a sport in the Olympics? It’s challenging, exciting and entertaining like any other extreme sport that is included in the Olympics but how it can’t be included when there are boring and unentertaining sports like curling, beach volleyball and ping pong that are included. This seems to be unfair and makes no sense to me. Surfing should be an Olympic sport due to the fact that it has all the proper qualifications needed to become one.
    When you look at the reasons why it hasn’t been added to the Olympics it’s quite annoying and frustrating especially to the people from the surfing community because the reasons why can now be solved easily with our advanced technology and immense amount of support. “Surfing has been around for more than a hundred years and has been trying to become an Olympic Sport since then. ‘Duke’ Kahanamoku the ambassador of ‘Aloha and Surfing to the world’ was the first person that developed his passion for surfing into a committee. This committee would soon try push the sport into becoming an Olympic event.” (Herrera). However one of the reasons why was because many people from the surfing community were saying that surfing isn’t a sport it’s a way of life. Yet if you think about it from a logical standpoint, then you can definitely classify surfing as an amazing and challenging support. It’s something that requires a lot of practice, training and commitment just like any other serious and legitimate sport. So to solve that problem all that has to be done is that the people from the surfing society must be told that yes, it may be a way of life but it is also...


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