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History of Western Civ 2 1600's Essay

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After the death of Louie the 13th in 1643 and Richelieu, Louie the 14th came to power. Louie the 14th was only 5 years old. The French nobles had seen an opportunity to seize the monarchy.   Maria would be ruling in his place. She couldn’t officially rule because she was a woman, and at the time women were not allowed to rule. Cardinal Mazarin would be an adviser to Louie and went so far as to refer to him as his son. In 1649 the Nobles had started to revolt. They had one goal, to destroy the monarchy. Around 1649 the revolt would begin and it would be known as the Fronde Revolt. The nobles would break into the loyal palace is Paris as ways of claiming dominance. Mazarin had escaped and was furious. He would go on the offensive and take care of the nobles by any means necessary.
Despite the 2 deaths that had occurred France is winning the 30 years war. After the deaths of Louis the 13th and Richelieu Louie the 14th would come to rule and Maria would rule in his place. Cardinal Mazarin would be his new adviser and referred to Louie the 14th as his son. In 1649 the Noble revolt begins. The Fronde Rebellion. The nobles would break into the loyal palace in Paris.
The nobles had escaped and Mazarin now goes on the attack. He took care of the nobles by any means necessary   and used the legal system. In 1656 the nobles would defeated and would be forced to accept an unconditional surrender. In 1659 Cardinal Mazarin would end one of Frances longest wars. France had been fighting against the Hapsburgs in Italy. It had ended within 100 years and the Treaty that would end the war would be known as the Treaty of Pyrenees.
Mazarin is also willing to give back all Italian land they want. Mazarin also wants Maria to marry so he gets Carlos the 2nds land, and basically the entire Spanish empire. Louie the 14th would get control of the Spanish government. Louie promises not to take inheritance. He also wants to end the 100 years war with the Spaniards to help the...


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