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Equality and Happiness

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Equality Makes Happiness
The story “The lipstick”, which written by He jia, it reveals something that happiness associates with equality intimately, without equality, there’ll never exist happiness; it’s also true on the opposite. Consequently, establishing an equal relationship between human beings is rather an important thing, it will promote the construction of the harmonious society.
At the first place, equality represents esteem; to the contrary, it means prejudice. We can’t prejudice against the migrant, we are the same no matter what the color of the skin, the race even the background is. If we look down upon others means we acknowledge the disabled of ourselves. I was impressed by the two main characters (one is Jianjun, the other is the girl who lost her lipstick.) which not only for their differences in appearance but also in psychology. Firstly, Jianjun represents the low class. It can be reflected from his daily dressing that “a jacket, his only jacket, but it has been dotted with paint spots.” While the girl may be a civil middle class, we can deduce this from her behavior when she “tightens her face and frowns at Jianjun coldly”. Owing to the diversity between these two characters, it leads to the mental distinction and the tragedy that “Jianjun also casts into the river his remaining trust and admiration” occurred. When you treat others unfair, it’s very easy for them to catch that depressed feeling and it may destroy everything, such as the relationship, the people’s kind intention. Therefore, showing your respect to people is a significant thing.
In addition, acquiring others’ esteem is the origin of happiness. If you want to obtain other people’s respect, you should show your esteem at first. In my opinion, everyone is equal when our mothers give birth to us. For example, Jianjun is a migrant worker, maybe his education background is lower than the girl, the economic condition is poorer than the girl, the opportunity for good position is...


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