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Do You Know Installation Requirements of Cement Mill

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In order to ensure the cement mill smooth operation and safe production for a long time, must pay attention to quality and correctness of the installation.Except in accordance with relevant national standards, and according to the requirements of the drawings. But do you know the installation requirments of the cement mill?

The installation requirments of the cement mill are in the following:

1. Feeding device installed in the feed pipe and cylinder feeding tube concentricity, gap between feeding tube and the taper sleeve of the feed to uniform, there is no scratch.Through adjustment gasket.

2. Rotary part: The mill lining board, insulation board and discharging end feed panels have a direction in which the installation must be strictly according to your drawings. The discharge end of the grate plate welded to each other after installation into an organic whole. Within all grinding parts installed, can not have loose and warping phenomenon. We will strictly to ensure the reliability of lining board of the feed roller ring place with build by laying bricks or stones, to fight off. If discover when installation error and interfere with the installation, allowing the scene, adjust and repair but must ensure that the use of performance. After grinding device is installed inside, check to see if the bolt and nut has been really tight, after the load operation for a period of time, to tighten all grinding internal nut and bolt after welding, to prevent loosening.

3. The discharging device is installed in the hood body and cylinder drive control of the concentricity of the seal clearance wants even, there is no scratch.Through adjustment gasket. Discharging cover between leg and pit process arrangement. If not match the size of the leg can on-site handling discharging cover, strong bearing on the ground, or on a hole in the ground beams bearing.

4. Slipper bearing: The installation to ensure that contact the tile with a hoop, to ensure the watts, concave...


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