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Jane Austen

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JANE AUSTEN (principios del siglo XIX)                                      
She is an ethical writer; she reflects how to behave in the society. She is not only addressing to women but to society. Bourgeoisie women were really closed in their lives; they had a responsibility of being good women as they were supposed to be; their labor of making a judge society.
Pride and Prejudice is not a love story, is an ethical critic to the society. She is considered one of the canonical figures of the English literature. It is interesting the way in which she introduces the society trough the parameters of the society’s private life. Her text looks towards society’s way of life and criticizes the corruption of the aristocracy. She knows how society works as she is the daughter of a Minister. Education is also important because women and men were educated in a separated way.
She did not publish many novels, she only published six.
Letters and diaries are interesting in the point of view of the critic. They reflect Jane Austen’s deeper inside feelings. Diaries are the important ones because it is a writing which is based on what she feels; it is much more private than the letters (public sphere). Her letters and diaries were published after Austen’s death.
Jane Austen’s family gave an image of her as a traditional woman towards the society of that age. Some of her novels were:
  * “Pride and Prejudice” (1813 was the year of its first publication) its first name was “First Impressions” and it was an epistolary novel (constructed around letters).
  * “Sense and Sensibility” (1811) it tells the story of two different ways of life. Ethical rationality and irrationality.
  * “Persuasion” it was finished in 1816 but as most of her novels, it was published after her death, in 1818.

She is neither Victorian nor Romantic. She belongs to the regency period. Jane Austen’s life is absolutely rational. Social rules must be obeyed so far, they are related to an ethical way...


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